Now that some progress is happening, I’ll keep this page updated with new info as it happens. The (grossly simplified) plan is below:

  1. Form a committee to take over the Bus ✔
  2. Set out and sign a Constitution to form a charity ✔
  3. Register with Charity Commission Registered Charity Number 1190312 ✔
  4. Open a bank account ✔
  5. Legally take over Bus ✔
  6. Raise initial £370 for MOT and inspection (added to GoFundMe target)
  7. Get 240V system checked- Gazeley Coachworks ✔
  8. MOT and inspection, get quote for repairs needed (est: £10,000 total)
  9. Fundraise for tax, insurance and repairs = ON THE ROAD!
  10. Open Days to show Bus to potential stakeholders and donors
  11. Fundraise for other essentials
  12. Recruit volunteers
  13. Start operations.

Last update: 23/07/21

As with all plans, it can be flexible if needed, but the above is at least a guide to what we want to happen. I will add detail as it becomes clearer.

SOS Bus behind bars